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City of Northfield, Gateway to the Shore
City of Northfield, Gateway to the Shore

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Date:   Monday, May 18, 2020
Location:  Curbside, private residences only

Public Seats Available / Remaining for this Meeting: 

Using grant funding provided through the NJ Clean Communities Entitlement Program, the City of Northfield is pleased to announce an organized pick up event that will allow residents to place household renovation debris, to include doors, windows, fencing, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, scrap wood, etc. out for collection on their regular trash day May 18th through 22nd only. The next schedule household renovation debris collection will be in Fall 2020.

This program is not open to contractors; contractors doing work on residential homes are responsible for removing and disposing of construction debris and/or trade waste at their expense.

Residents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

• Separate these items from your regular trash
• Each household will have a 3 item or can limit (in addition to your regular trash)
• Cans cannot be larger than 40 gallons; 50 pound weight limit for cans or individual items
• No hazardous materials, such as paint, solvents, pool chemicals, flammable liquids, etc.
• Broken glass or items with sharp or jagged edges shall be placed in a secure container to facilitate safe loading
If you have questions or concerns please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 641-2832 x 125.

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